Trading Guide #2

Sorry, last time I forgot to mention what lies at the very very bottom of the trading pyramid, under the latest rare Monday and under what you can buy in the store. The items you get when you are new to animal jam. Number 1 rule of trading: NEVER TRADE THE ITEMS YOU GET WHEN YOU FIRST ARRIVE TO ANIMAL JAM!

Trading… just when you thought you knew how to trade. #1

I know there a lot of jammers out there who make unfortunate trades, and I’m here to help those jammers.Trading is like a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are the items you can find in the store.Only one level higher are those items found in the store that cost tons of gems. But below both of those levels is the item from the latest Rare Monday, just because it says its rare, doesn’t always mean its worth something. I know what you’re thinking…if it’s not really rare, whats the point of buying it? What do you think would have happened if way back when Rare Headdresses were the item for Rare Monday and the jammers said “Whats the point of buying it if it’s not rare?”? We would have no Rare Headdresses today. I just mean it’s not rare at that moment, wait a few months, and people will be all over it. What I do is buy a couple of the rare Monday item and wait. I have four Rare Aviator hats that I got about a year ago, I bet those are pretty rare now. Sometimes this whole trading business can get a little confusing. For example, why is the headdress more rare than the rare headdress? Supply and demand, that’s why. There are way more rare headdresses than not rare headdresses. More on the trading pyramid next week. See ya!

Phantom Pod Helpers #1

Ever think that its a waste of time destroying a phantom pod? Well there are certain clothing items that can make it a lot faster. Below is a list of some of the items I have discovered that can help you.

1. Phoenix leg armor. Takes 2 clicks to destroy phantom pod. Does -29 damage.
2. Dual samurai swords.Takes 2 clicks. -29 damage.
3.Golden Mummy Glove. Takes 2 clicks. -36 damage.
4.Scorpion claws. Takes 2 clicks. -32 damage.
5.Ice gauntlets.Takes 2 clicks. -32 damage.
6.Silver glove. Takes 3 clicks. -23 damage.
7.Non Member Pirate sword. Takes 2 clicks. -25 damage.

Check back later for more articles! These are most likely not the only phantom pod helpers which is why this will be a series of posts. If you know any phantom pod helpers that are not listed above please tell us using the form in “Send Us Stuff”.



Sorry KittenI know we haven’t continued this blog for a long time and I know a few of you are very upset about it and I have gotten many jam-a-grams about this subject, and I would like to say I’m sorry. It has been a couple years since I (or my dad) have posted and in that time, my membership has even expired. Today is the day that many of you have been asking for. Today I begin the blog again, and renew my membership. My dad will be teaching me how to blog, and so eventually, I will be able to write this blog without his help. Special thanks to those of you who have continued to read this blog, even when it was not updated.


p.s. I see some of you are interested in contributing to the blog and I think that would be great!

If you would like to contribute articles, funny photos or comics, please use our submission form to reach out and connect –

Greely’s Inferno Adventure Guide

Greely's Inferno Adventure Guide

Animal Jam has launched a new adventure called Greely’s Inferno that is set inside a volcano.

When you go to adventure base camp, you’ll find it next to the Great Escape down on the beach.

I haven’t had a chance to create a full adventure guide yet for it (any volunteers?) but I thought I would at least share with you what prizes are in the different prize chests at the end.

Animal Jam Adventure Rewards

Here is what you will find in each treasure chest (in order top to bottom, left to right):

  1. Spotbright
  2. Greely’s Wardrobe
  3. 750 Gems
  4. 500 Gems
  5. Greely’s Blackboard

Animal Jam Orange and Black Outfits – October 31, 2013

Animal Jam Wizard Wolf
Animal Jam Flying Tiger
Wizard Wolf (Non-Member Outfit)
Accessory List:

  • Wizard Hat
  • Rare Scary Elf Bracelets

Regal Flying Tiger (Non-Member Outfit)
Accessory List:

  • Hat and Curly Wig
  • Rare Scary Bat Wings

Animal Jam Scorpion Monkey
Animal Jam Angry Pumpkin Fox
Scorpion Monkey (Member Outfit)
Accessory List:

  • Scorpion Helmet
  • Scorpion Armor
  • Scorpion Claws
  • Scorpion Tail Armor

Angry Pumpkin Fox (Member Outfit)
Accessory List:

  • Angry Pumpkin Mask