Animal Jam Hive Adventure Guide

Animal Jam Hive Adventure Tips

A new Animal Jam adventure has arrived for members!

It is called The Hive.

If you don’t already have a Level 3 horse or a Level 3 Elephant you will want to get one as there are secret passages with extra treasure in the game that only a horse and an elephant can open (one for each).

The horse passage seems to have slightly better prizes than the elephant passage, probably because it will take you longer to find the horse passage and one of your team may place the fourth orange alpha stone before you find it, ruining your chance to open it, so warn your team ahead of time not to place the fourth orange alpha stone if you have a horse.

Animal Jam Phantom PodThere are several new things to the Animal Jam Hive adventure including:

  • Phantom Pods
  • Torches
  • Fire Drums
  • Mushroom Bridges
  • Orange Alpha Stones

Animal Jam Torches and BoomseedsAnd old favorites from previous Animal Jam adventures including:

  • Boomseeds
  • Phantom Webs

Before starting the adventure, in addition to being (or inviting) a horse and/or an elephant, will be to make sure that you have on one of the following:

Animal Jam Mushroom Bridge

  • Glove (Legendary, Mummy, Dragon, Spirit, etc.)
  • Dual Samurai Swords
  • Sword
  • Pirate Sword
  • Wind Gauntlets
  • Phoenix Leg Armor

Any of these will help you break through the Phantom Webs and destroy the Phantom Pods. You can however also destroy Phantom Pods in this National Geographic Kids’ adventure with boomseeds.

The purpose of the first part of the adventure is to find four orange alpha stones, and as you run around looking to find them you will find hidden treasure chests hiding in the dark along with regular phantoms. The good news is that in much the same way that you can hide from phantoms in the tall grass in other adventures, you can also get a phantom to stop chasing you by disappearing into the darkness.

In fact, it seems that in this adventure, as long as you are outside the phantom’s circle they won’t see you and you can drop a boomseed on them.

Once you find and place all four orange alpha stones and talk to Cosmo, you will move on to the final stage of this adventure, destroying the Phantom King.

This is no easy challenge.

The Phantom King is gigantic and creates regular phantoms when he gets angry.

What’s worse is that there is a limited supply of boomseeds in the final stage and so you will have to race the rest of your team to get them or agree to share them. I advise telling people where they are when you have two or three boomseeds yourself and are out of harm’s way.

The trick to destroying the Phantom King is to wait until he crashes to the earth and gets dizzy, and then throwing a boomseed in his eye.

If you do this TEN times successfully (I think) then the Phantom King will be destroyed and you will get +200 Courage.

At the end of the adventure you will get +50 Courage and five treasure chests to choose from.

Animal Jam Adventure Rewards

The rewards that you will get, in order from top to bottom, left to right are as follows:

  1. 1,000 gems
  2. Orange Alpha Stone
  3. Fire Drum
  4. Glowing Mushroom Patch
  5. 750 gems

UPDATED – October 29, 2013 – ADDED Information about HARD Version

On October 10, 2013 Animal Jam launched a HARD version of The Hive adventure.

The biggest changes seem to be that the map is slightly different (more linear) and the treasure chests have more gems in them (from 100-400 gems each).

It is not completely clear whether or not the prizes in the ELEPHANT treasure chest or the HORSE treasure chest are any better.

So far, one time I did manage to get RARE Mech Angel Wings and another time I got Freedom Wings and a Glove, but then some of the other times I played I got boring prizes (meaning things I can get in the store).

Finally, the Phantom King seems no harder to kill at the end and the treasure chests are all different.

Animal Jam Adventure Rewards

Here is what you will find in each treasure chest (in order top to bottom, left to right):

  1. Blue Fire Drum
  2. Phantom King Statue
  3. 1,500 Gems
  4. Phantom Pod
  5. 1,000 Gems

43 thoughts on “Animal Jam Hive Adventure Guide

    1. My research says that you must go to the phantom vortex and play the game AND make it to at least level five to get the tall phantom statue in Animal Jam.

      I haven’t personally done this yet because I’m terrible at that game, but I think that’s how you get it.

      You definitely don’t get it on The Hive adventure in Animal Jam.

      Please let me know if it works!

      Animal Jam Daddy

  1. I do most of the outfits of the week. My dad is animal jam daddy and we own this site together. I am in the pics because I own this site with daddy.

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  4. Many jammers have been talking about horse coins. They say if you have a level 2-3 elephant thats the color BLACK, then you have a better chance of getting it in an adventure.

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