Greely’s Inferno Adventure Guide

Greely's Inferno Adventure Guide

Animal Jam has launched a new adventure called Greely’s Inferno that is set inside a volcano.

When you go to adventure base camp, you’ll find it next to the Great Escape down on the beach.

I haven’t had a chance to create a full adventure guide yet for it (any volunteers?) but I thought I would at least share with you what prizes are in the different prize chests at the end.

Animal Jam Adventure Rewards

Here is what you will find in each treasure chest (in order top to bottom, left to right):

  1. Spotbright
  2. Greely’s Wardrobe
  3. 750 Gems
  4. 500 Gems
  5. Greely’s Blackboard

20 thoughts on “Greely’s Inferno Adventure Guide

  1. I love aj I have 3 codes for u guys 1. CHIMBU
    2. bemybuddy no space
    Now I said the 3 codes that work if u want to buddy me and my list is full my use: e79482 then send me a jam a gram if u r really nice enough just send me a stubbed collar I MIGHT give u a rare or something u want I really don’t want my stubbed wristband and if u try right now I’m in trouble but I WIlL be on tomorrow I PROMISE and again u might not be kind enough but plz if u don’t want u stubbed collar TElL ME PLZ

  2. Hi again this is e79482 its short for e7 and plz tell me a cheetah code I love cheetahs and I’m the biggest fan of aj and my bday is comming up but I might not get a code I live in Brazil and my gramma spent 92.00 darllars on me at Justice :-) I am going to Toys R Us this time and tell me where the aj stuff is at I have never been I never lie and I never will I will cross my heart. OK um ya if u want to be mean then OK :( I’m only 8 so don’t freacking cuss on here k? Leave comment bye plz tell me I Will send something for u bday I promise because u have been so nice to me and plz send me a Cheetah code. Plz :-)

  3. Its e7 again and its short. The glitches in the game are

    1. Don’t jump on the ice at Mrs. Silvers DONT u screen will be black

    2. Get the Water Park Den and go on the 1 where the top room go to the slide u go around

    3. Go to Sappira and 4 ppl dance

    4. Go to Zios and 4 ppl sleep by the claped thing PHANTOMS come out

    Bye :-)

  4. Tell me a cheetah cupon and AJHQ plz change when u recycle diamond shop things plz change them to diamonds and gem clothes and stuff don’t change plz.

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