4 times the technology giants ambition to attack the game segment but failed


Many tech giants are ambitious in the game segment, but no name has achieved remarkable success.

Game Center (Apple)

Game Center, launched by Apple in 2010, serves as a management platform across Apple’s games. It is considered a game-specific operating system for devices from the company.

Game Center has a system for managing player achievements, friends list and some interactive activities. Still, things were so simple and not so meaningful that Apple eventually abandoned the idea.

The biggest problem that Game Center faces and practically cannot overcome is that the game developers also build similar Game Center features for their own games. Later, Game Center was maintained as an option. Game developers can choose to apply it or not.

As a platform, Game Center lacks many basic features like messaging or voice messaging. Finally, Apple removed the service from iOS and macOS devices and has yet to replace it.

Fire TV controller (Amazon)

Gaming machines have long been a dream of tech giants. Back in 2014, Amazon launched a Fire TV set-top box version with a gaming controller and was available with many games from famous publishers. Even so, games on Fire TV cannot sublimate. Current Fire TV users can still play games on it, but Amazon no longer makes or sells the controller.

Crucible game (Amazon)

You may not know that Amazon has launched a game with a huge investment budget this year called Crucible. Despite being a free game and brought to the world’s largest gaming platform, Steam, Crucible practically did not have much success.

As of May 21, Crucible has a capacity of 25,000 players at its peak. On May 22, two days after its launch, Crucible disappeared into the top 100 most popular games on Steam.

So far, Crucible has been withdrawn by Amazon from Steam and the company says it will be brought back to beta mode. It is worth mentioning that Crucible has been developed for over 5 years with a budget of millions of USD.

Stadia (Google)

After much waiting and anticipation, last November, Google launched Google Stadia.

Google Stadia is not a gaming machine or a gaming platform. Instead, it is understood as a Google electronic marketplace where users can buy games. Google Stadia aspires to be Netflix in the field of games.

It is worth mentioning that Google Stadia can stream games to users regardless of where they are. However, 9 months later, Google Stadia did not attract too much buzz.