Amazing Free Online Multiplayer Games You Won’t Want to Miss (part 1)

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More than one person plays multiplayer games via a PC or mobile device with an Internet connection. You don’t have to be in the same physical location; all you need to do is play on the same game at the same time.

Multiplayer gaming can benefit you in many surprising ways. Online players are more connected than ever before, and when it comes to multiplayer gaming, you can interact with others from all over the world. Also, playing with other gamers can give a sense of excitement that solo playing can’t. Battling or playing with other real-life players, as opposed to a computer, is more varied and exciting.

If you’re looking for some fantastic games to battle global players in real-time, the list below may be of help! Prove your mad skills by beating others’ high scores and rise to the leaderboards’ top.

1. Angry Snakes 

In this fun .io game, you’re asked to control an angry looking snake! While it’s possible for you to select from different colors, all the snakes have one thing in common – their angry faces! The game’s aim is simple. You’re required to gather the glowing dots scattered around the map and try to get rid of the other angry snakes. 

Please get rid of other snakes by crossing their path and making them crash into you. When you have destroyed an opponent, you can pick up their remains and grow bigger. When you become more substantial, it’s easier to surround your rivals and destroy them! Though it’s also possible for you to use a speed boost, the boost reduces your mass over time, so use it sparingly! Are you confident enough to become the angriest snake in the game and dominate your enemies?

For the games controls, move the snake by using your mouse. Boost the speed by left-clicking.