Amazing Free Online Multiplayer Games You Won’t Want To Miss (Part 3)

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4. Madalin Cars Multiplayer 

As soon as you have selected your vehicle, you can join the online game and explore the vast desert landscape! 

Discover the landscape with other players and show off your driving skills. There are many streets, roads, and areas to explore in the open world. Drive to the full extent of your desires. You can even set up some multiplayer races with other gamers and put your driving technique to the test! 

WASD or the arrow keys are useful for the game controls. Use the nitro with F. Change the camera with C. R is for resetting the car. Start or stop the engine with E. Hit the Spacebar to use the handbrake.

5. Braains.ioThis survival game is fantastic.

This multiplayer game of survival is incredible. You begin as a human and can transform into a zombie once you manage to turn the other players into zombies too. When you play as a human, you have to try to evade the zombie attacks and survive for as long as you can. You can block the doors and stop the zombies from coming nearer by hiding in a building and using different objects. You will have hours of fun, either staying alive as a human or striving to eat human flesh and turn them into a zombie! The fact that you can join a game and dive into it in a matter of seconds makes the game even more fun.

For the controls, use WASD or the arrow keys to move the character.

6. Give the game a try!

In this intense battle game, you try to become the champion on the battlefield. You enter the battle with only a tree branch. You’re required to make use of your skills to win other players. Rely on your limited weapon to collect food. This can be used to improve your character. 

Two different game modes are available in the game — a food chain mode and a player vs. player mode. They are both engaging!

Move by using WASD or the arrow keys. Attack by left-clicking. Right-click to dash.