Best Shooter Games (part 1)

Shooter game

.io games are one of the hottest forms of online games right now, and the preferred format is First Person and Third Person Shooter games. A test of skill like no other, these free games take the popularity of other Shooters (like TF2, CS, and PUBG) and bring them to the browser game format. 

.io games add a whole new level of competitive excitement to online browser games. The closest any games came before the .io revolution were absolute classics like Adventure Quest, which was an MMO for sure but lacked any serious PVP content. These modern .io games play on our thirst for victory – and this time, it comes with real satisfaction, knowing that Tim, 14, half-way across the country, is about to throw his mouse out of the window thanks to your gaming prowess.

Check out the top favorite .io games which you can play, for free, right now.

#1 KRUNKER.IO is an excellent, fast-paced 3D .io Shooter. Based, fundamentally, on the classic, barebones design of the original Counter-Strike game, provides you with some simple classes and a whole lot of addictive Shooting action. You’ll notice the similarities between its current main map – burg – and the nostalgic de_dust 2. 

The powerful Sniper Rifle is an excellent way to frustrate your opponents. Generous hitboxes and satisfying ‘clinks’ as you wipe out another player, screaming ‘hacker’ in the chatbox, make one of the better FPS .io games we’ve picked up recently. It’s easy to play, and there are different servers with different types of maps. You’ll even find a blossoming community on the game’s Discord server and regular updates from the Reddit-active Developer.

#2  SURVIV.IO is a top-down 2D shooter that takes inspiration from the famous wave of Battle Royale games that began a long time ago with a mod for Day Z.