Classic shooter games to enjoy

Shooter game

1. Cross Fire Offline 5.0

If you have ever played Online Cross Fire, it will be familiar to Cross Fire 5.0, this is a standard version like Online but with some other CF versions to experience.

The way to play and features must be so familiar to all of you, so I won’t stop again. The highlight of Offline 5.0 is in a lightweight configuration, so computers and laptops with weak configurations also play well.

2. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a pretty well-known offline shooter in 2016 with a compelling gameplay gameplay. Coming to Titanfall 2 you will play the role of gunman Jack Cooper (secret agent) who accompanies Titan forces to participate in choking battles, the action is increasingly pushed faster with more Titan.

The attraction of Titanfall 2 is absolutely amazing, the game configuration is extremely high, you need an Intel Core i3 CPU, 8Gb Ram, 45Gb free hard drive.

3. Rage Complete Edition

Rage Complete Edition is the most groundbreaking offline shooting genre today. You will be immersive into the character and appear in a wasteland, the task is to build combat against other hostile forces.

Experience Rage Complete Edition will have a lot of thrilling action scenes, shooting angular guns, fighting tanks, Rage promises to be a great experience game, need a machine with Intel Core configuration, 2Gb Ram, download capacity up to 21Gb.

4. Game Doom 3

I recommend you have a weak heart, so don’t play this game, because Doom 3 is a kind of offline shooting horror game released by Activision with many bloody scenes.

The game is set from a test room on Mars with disgusting monsters, you have to role-play the character to fight the monsters, of course you are provided with guns, equipment, etc. to fight again.