Dinosaurs Coloring Book game is favorite


Dinosaurs Coloring Book game is favorite

One of the coloring book apps that many parents and babies love, Dinosaurs Coloring Book opens up the imagination for babies in their journey back to prehistoric times. The giant tyrant dinosaurs in the legend are no longer scary but extremely funny, cute through Dinosaurs Coloring Book application on Android. This application will help the kids better understand the animal world, the color world around them and motivate the imagination of children to fly high and far. From now on, parents will no longer worry every time the baby is asking for a phone call!

This interactive coloring book allows your child to choose any picture they like in the app photo gallery. With more than 90 dinosaurs for kids to color, the application allows children to color dinosaurs like children and easily change colors to help them create different works. Follow and share your baby’s creations with your friends and relatives or save them to your device to see your masterpieces later.

Interface using Dinosaurs Coloring Book app using Dinosaurs Coloring Book app

Interface using Dinosaurs Coloring Book application

Some key features of Dinosaurs Coloring Book app

Provide over 90 different dinosaurs for your baby to choose

Countless brushes and colors

Allows zooming to 1x / 2x / 4x for easier coloring

Allows sharing your baby’s works via email, text, Twitter, Facebook or any other service available on your Android device.

Ad-free version.

English language

Allowable age: Over 1-year-old

Book title: Dinosaurs Coloring Book For Kids (Coloring book for babies)

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