Empire building games: Why are they popular?

Building Games

At one time’s point, all of us have played and invested in many hours over the empire-building games. You can call it futile or childish, but you know, we all feel guilty of trying and building our own empire. These games are not similar to any other type of game since they, most of the time, do not come with a clear goal. Also, they are slow, and there are times they go on for years. Still, you cannot help but playing them, checking ways of improving your empire every few hours. What indeed makes those games so great? Discover the reasons right below.

Definition of Empire Building Games

They are a kind of strategy game that you must develop your empire from the beginning. For such a purpose, various resources and assets are necessary. These games may sometimes happen in isolation; yet, mostly, they will combat other players along with their empires. Regarding popular culture, people know them as 4X games due to the four involved actions: exploring, exploiting, expanding, and exterminating. An end goal appears as the empire with the most power. Alternatively, keep playing and strengthen your empire.

Why Are They So Addictive?

By nature, humans are ingenious. We like building things and then cherishing our diligent work. For the only problem, making things is indeed not only tiring but also expensive. It is how these games help by giving a virtual solution. 

On the one hand, the premise is, in most cases, a fantasy. On the other hand, the basic rules mimic your real life. Similar to real life, you start by possessing nothing. After that, you gain several essential tools but must better them. You work hard to earn resources. Then, you use them to enhance your creation further. Such actions turn these empire games into pet projects.