Fond of Strategy Game? Try out Terrorist Town!

Fond of Strategy Game? Try out Terrorist Town!


If you are fond of strategy game, Terrorist Town would be a good selection. Let’s check out this wonderful game!

Terrorist Town is an interesting strategy game, in which you must identify the traitors in a mystery murder and kill them.

Interesting Gameplay

Among the people of the town, there are detectives with special items to help the innocents survive. However, you cannot extinguish between the innocents and traitors.

Fond of Strategy Game? Try out Terrorist Town!

Being a traitor

If you are traitor, you must kill all the remaining innocents of the town within the time limit. You also have special items to buy. As a traitor, try not to draw attention early as this will make you a suspect and avoid using traitor testers.

The innocent

An innocent has no role but being alive and help find the traitors. There is no special item for an innocent to buy, but they can use receive the help of detectives to boost your ability to survive.

As an innocent, you should not start randomly shooting as it may make other innocents suspicious of you. Try to gather a group of people that you reckon are innocents like you to increase your chance of surviving. You can prove you are an innocent by going to the traitor tester. If you see someone refuse to go in the tester, they are most likely a Traitor.

As a detective

A detective is a role where you are like the leader of the innocents and must take control of the situation. If you are a detective, your name turns blue. Your mission is trying to get people to go in the traitor tester, make notes of which player is innocent so you know who to avoid killing. As a detective, try to locate yourself in somewhere safe in the map.

Last words

Terrorist Town is an amazing strategy game. Try out this stunning game and surely you will have lots of exciting moments!