Go on Some Intense Battlefields Now with the Amazing Gun Mayhem Game Series

Shooter game

Do you want to test out your gun skills and practice to level up? Looking for nowhere. Check out these intense action game series as below – Gun Mayhem. You will get lots of chances to skill up your shooting and have fun. Enjoy your great times on the battlefields now. 


Gun Mayhem is a great shooting action game in which you have to fight against the AI enemies and attempt to overwhelm the battlefields. The gameplay is simple but exciting to keep you playing for long times. It would be best if you took down your opponents by using a variety of killer weapons. This may seem simple, but it can also be challenging to eliminate your opponents without being attacked.

Before you join the campaign, you can customize your game characters. You will have chances to choose hats, shirts, firearms and more for them. The game includes options for your squad to speed up, no backlash, and more additional bullets. Work your way through a wide range of challenging levels and testing your skills by overcome various opponents. Take your weapons and go on some intense battlefields in the Gun Mayhem?


This is a fun sequel to the popular Gun Mayhem game. In this Gun Mayhem 2, you will take part in more chaotic battles. Yoo9 You will get chances to destroy all the enemies by shooting them off the battlefields with missiles. This entertaining shooting game has a single-player and campaign mode with numerous difficult tasks. Once you have chosen your favorite gaming mode, you can adjust your game characters’ appearance. You can change their shirts, hats, and even faces, as well as weapons.

To score your highest points in each level, you should get rid of your opponent from the stage and keep them from jumping back. You can take down your opponents by shooting them with your killer weapons. There is a range of various potent weapons to consider, for example, guns, automatic rifles, and SMGs. You also can avoid being distracted at the level by using the bounce and jump process twice. The game pace is fast and fun, and you should have a quick reaction to fight back. Can you finish the Gun Mayhem 2 and be the champion?