Having hours of enjoyment with these two real-time strategy games

Strategy Games

Age of Empires 3

This is a real-time strategy game released in 2005, set in a large part from the colonial period – colonialism from the beginning of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century. Players will choose one of the colonies of Europe, Asia or North America and try to develop it into a prosperous kingdom.

The game emphasizes weak population growth to exploit resources – bringing about a strong economy, the development of troops to fight hostile nations.

Another characteristic feature of this game is the politician system. Players will choose politicians with different advantages, along with different bonuses for their country. The difficulty of the game depends on the colonies you choose, and this is one of the motivations that makes it hard to get out of Age of Empire III.

Red alert 2

Red Alert 2 is a real-time strategy game (RTS) 2.5D produced by Westwood Studios and EA Game.

Red Alert 2 has 2 factions that are Soviet and Allied, which has appeared in Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Red Alert 2’s single-player campaign is structured in that the Soviet side’s end is contrary to the main story taking place in the Allied campaign. The game includes many real locations, including the World Trade Center, Eiffel Tower and Paris Arc de Triomphe.

Its expansion is Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge is released with a new mission system as well as new army, buildings and countries.

Like other Command & Conquer games, the two factions in Red Alert 2 have their own weaknesses and strengths. To achieve victory, players must develop their strengths and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses.

Every aspect of Red Alert is based on collecting money. In the game, money can be collected in many ways. The most common is to use the Miner car to collect gold or gem mines and transport them to a refinery. Players can also gain an abundant amount of money by occupying Tech Derricks (neutral structures appear in some maps).