Microsoft became an ally of Epic Games in the war with Apple


Microsoft representative said the battle between Apple and Epic Games will affect a series of game developers, including Microsoft itself. In the tense legal battle with Apple, Epic Games has suddenly added an ally. That is Microsoft.

Kevin Gammill, senior director in charge of developer experience, has officially submitted a letter to the court in support of the game maker Fortnite. Gammill said his reason for doing this was not because the Fortnite game was removed from the App Store, but because of the effects of the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games.

Gammill is known as a Microsoft Xbox representative working with game developers. He fears that Apple’s move to cut off developer ties with Epic Games will harm game developers and gamers. Apple’s removal of the Unreal Engine toolkit will affect many game developers, including Microsoft.

The reason is that Epic Games owns the Unreal Engine toolkit. This is a suite of software used to create a variety of games, including smartphone versions of popular titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Microsoft’s Forza Street.

In addition to removing Fortnite from the App Store, Apple is also planning to remove Epic Games from its developer program on August 28. Without access to Apple’s developer program, Epic won’t be able to release updates to Unreal Engine on iOS and Mac. This means that any developer using the toolkit will not be able to update their game to be compatible with the new versions of iOS and upcoming macOS.

A lot of Apple’s App Store games could be affected if Epic loses access to the developer program, Business Insider said.

Not only that, The Unreal Engine is an important technology for many game creators including Microsoft. Epic’s move to revoke access could harm iOS and macOS games built on the Unreal Engine.