Pokemon Go achieved one billion downloads

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Pokemon Go achieved one billion downloads

Game based on augmented reality (AR) Pokemon Go has reached one billion downloads by the end of July, after three years of launch.

On July 31, Pokemon Go marked a new success with a milestone of one billion downloads. YouTube account of this game in Japan also posted a 15-second video in Japanese to celebrate.

Pokemon Go is only available on Android and iOS and the number of billion is the total downloads on both mobile platforms. However, the Niantic and The Pokemon Company – the two companies behind the game – did not give detailed figures on the number of downloads at each platform, as well as the actual number of active players.

According to Superdata statistics until the end of May 2018, there are an estimated 147 million people playing Pokemon Go.

Launched in July 2016, Pokemon Go quickly became a worldwide fever. After only two months of launch, this game has received over 500 million downloads. Its attraction then decreases.

However, Pokemon Go is still the “golden egg chicken” for the company behind it. According to Sensor Tower, as of the end of June 2019, the mobile game had more than $ 2.65 billion in revenue, surpassing Clash Royale, Candy Crush Saga and just below Clash of Clans. Of these, 35% of revenue (928 million USD) comes from the US market, followed by Japan (779 million USD) and Germany (59 million USD).

Pokemon Go is a game based on augmented reality technology (AR). Players will join the journey to catch unique Pokemon characters. Thanks to the combination of cameras, sensors, actual maps and GPS navigation systems, virtual pets can hide in real-life locations. Besides, players can also coordinate with friends to find, train Pokemon and fight.