Popular terms in online games



AFK stands for cum from “away from keyboard”. Gamers are absent or inactive in the game. This word is often used when a player does not move or fight. The concept of BAK is used when the player refuses the keyboard. It stands for the phrase “back at the keyboard”.


Dc stands for “disconnect”. This word means that the player is disconnected from the game, usually due to a network error.


This is the abbreviation for “good game”. It is often used by gamers in the sense that the finished game is worth playing.


This is an acronym for “kill steal”. This word is used when a player from your team kills a player of the enemy before you can act. This is the action to win points for teammates.

Leeroy Jenkins

This is a common name for any gamer with a hasty action style that does not consider the warning. they play according to their laws and plunge into danger without thinking about the consequences or safety of the team. The origin of this name is the video of a character in the World of Warcraft game Leeroy Jenkins. In this video, Leeroy Jenkins shouted his name before fighting and killing his team member.


This is a common abbreviation in the world of games and the military. MIA stands for “missing in action”. This word means a player of the opposing team disappears.


Noob has been used to describe people who have no expertise in a particular field, especially computers. Noob comes from “newbie”. It is about a new player who doesn’t have the skills to play games.


Pwn means “domination.” It is used to indicate the catastrophic defeat of the opposing team. Pwn comes from a typo when writing from “own”, typing “p” instead of “o”. Today, words have changed to become more common.


Re stands for “reappear”. This word is used in online games with the meaning when the player returns to the game after stopping playing for a while.


Scrub means that the player is not skilled, but the person who thinks he is the best player in the world or better than reality. This player often repeats the same mistakes and does not listen to your advice. When they lose, they blame other gamers.