Show Your Abilities By Playing Strategy Games (Part 2)

Strategy Games

Today, you do not need to find board games to play good strategic games, but many online games are available.

At a gaming site, you can find every kind of strategy game. Several intriguing games, as well as popular games, are right below, so let’s check them out:

1. Mighty knight

Here, you are the kingdom’s mightiest knight and are considered the only one who can protect the king against all the enemies. Get rid of the monsters right, left and straight. Plus, defend yourself from any attacks. This game will test your skills of fighting and stamina; that is why bring out the great warrior inside of you and be ready to attack!

2. Gauntlet HTML5

Based on their strengths, select out of the four fictional characters- Merlin (wizard), Thor (warrior), Questor (elf), and Thyra (Valkyrie). With warriors that obtain the best combat competencies, the elf is considered the quickest, the wizard has huge power, and the Valkyrie is famous for the defensive shield. Remember, the decision you make will decide your game. When you have selected your character, eliminate all the ghosts, sorcerers, and demons in between since you reach the ultimate destination.

3. King of Towers

Here, the Kingdom of Azylon has been in deep trouble since their vicious enemies (i.e., the Orcs) have surrounded it. As one responsible citizen, you need to save the kingdom through developing one rough and tough building as well as asking the mighty heroes’ help to enter the battlefield for defeating these crooked and nasty Orcs. Let the kingdom hail over the rival!

4. game

In this strategy-based game, you have to develop tactics for surviving the night when the zombies manage to come alive. Utilize the mines as well as connecting them to your bases via transporters. Good luck!