Show Your Abilities By Playing Strategy Games (Part 3)

Strategy Games

5. Fly Buster

Do you not like annoying flies roaming around? Then, let this fantastic game provide you with the satisfaction of eliminating flies, as many as the gamer desires. Using a fly swatter, quickly smash all the flies approaching. The game ends once you miss over five flies, so be ready to roll up your sleeves and do some smashing and spanking, 

6. Elona Shooter

This strategic game requires you to attack the enemies and get rid of them before they do no good to the castle. Strategically, select your weapons. Your shooting ability will be tested, so be sure you tighten your grips as well as focusing your aim on getting rid of every enemy you see. This game’s main crux is selecting the weak spot of the rival while shooting as well as the gun to use for attacking them. Go for the best weapon possible.

7. Battlecoast

In the sea’s midst, the rivals have brought in reinforcements as well as being all set to sink the ship. Improve your weapons and craft as well as sailing past them. By how? Nail all enemies down! Yet, caution alert- it will not be simple, keep a check and fix your ships and towers simultaneously as you fight. 

8. Monster Saga

Suppose you live your own Alice in the fantastic Wonderland moment, yet with a twist – you play as a young male child falling down the hole into the monster-surrounded world! Now every move that you make determines your survival. Gear up as well as getting ready for your attack strategies as a new world asks for your full wisdom and strength. Do not be panic, yet rise and rule over the world! 

Overall, all these games will be useful for you to solve and analyze different situations better. Do not miss them!