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Stunning survival games to conquer in 2019

Survival Games

Prey Day: Survival

Prey Day: Survival is a survival game that grabs Zombie themes and basically, there is not much difference when it comes to whether the main character must try to exist in a world flooded with mutated Zombie.

Start collecting the leftover necessary materials to cater to your daily necessities. Prey Day: Survival also has a difference that creates its own attraction. Here gamers have to gather the survivors to build and fight the Zombie herd as well as the enemies from other places.

The Long Dark

This is self a game for those who like independent combat. At the beginning of the game, the player will transform into a lost pilot to the cold north pole after a mysterious disaster.

There will be no battle with zombies or monsters, but your mission will be to cope with the harsh cold of nature, fierce beasts and your own weakness. Start building your home for the purpose of surviving. In addition, you have to calculate to have enough heating energy for city residents.

Vast Survival

survival game

Like many other survival games, Vast Survival players will be taken to deserted islands, where they will have to build bases, hunt animals to get food and collect rare materials to exist. But the special thing that attracts players in the game is that they can attack the island of others to expand their territory. You can play on your own or team up with friends to increase your enjoyment.

Thrive Island Free Survival

Welcome to a survival game for gamers who love the wild. In Thrive Island Free Survival, players will be taken to a large island in a dense, murky area. Start your life here by getting wood for you to build a house that can withstand harsh nature and go hunting the fierce animals here.