The demise of Mega Man, one of the best game of all time

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Mega Man is a famous game series no less Mario and Contra in the 2000s but quickly forgotten.
It is often said that after each divorce, children suffer the most. In the case of Mega Man, since Keiji Inafune decided to leave Capcom, an icon of the gaming village suddenly became a forgotten ruins after only a few months.

If in the game, Mega Man’s father is Dr. Light is in real life, Keiji Inafune was the one who created this character. Despite the gloomy sales of the first Mega Man, through Keiji’s passion, infinite enthusiasm, Capcom saw the potential of this robot boy.

They gave the green light to Keiji to continue the sequel – Mega Man 2, which until now is still on the list of the best games of all time.

Released in 1989, Mega Man 2 was the first game to lay the foundation for the “8 Bosses” structure, becoming the standard for later versions. Players will be confronted with 8 types of opponents, corresponding to 8 different maps. Each time you win, you will get new unique and powerful weapons.

The variety of features and types of each weapon helps players have more new experiences in the future journey. These can be metal blades, automatic guns, time condensation, etc.In addition, an upgrade compared to the first part is the “Energy Tank” that was added in Mega Man 2 and soon. became popular in later versions.

Keiji Inafune left, no one else was able to steer the boat. 3 consecutive Capcom projects must be suspended indefinitely. Among them, Mega Man Legend 3 is the game that leaves the most regret for fans.

10 years after the launch of Mega Man Legend 2, Capcom announced information about Mega Man Legend 3. In order for gamers to wait too long for a game and smash all hopes, 10 months later, Capcom announced the forecast.

Occasionally, Capcom rubbed salt into the pain of fans with small cameo appearances in many new games. It could be the T-shirt character of Dead Rising: Watchtower, a joke in Street Fighter X Tekken or emotional return in Super Smash Brothers …

Perhaps, it is the insiders who are still nostalgic about the past but the force of mind is not.