Three addictive classic games to try on your PC

Strategy Games

Titan Quest

The role-playing game, which takes place in ancient Greece, was released by THQ in 2006. The player plays a brave hero against the wrath of the gods by performing the tasks they given like the name of the game.

The game allows you to freely customize the skills to your liking.

The game’s class system is special in that there is no specific class, but only schools that are divided into completely different arrays from the rest of the pure RPG games.

Blade and Sword

Another ARPG game is set in ancient China, but the game’s tone is somewhat darker than the role-playing games of the same time.

Blade and Sword does not have a rich class system, players are allowed to choose three characters to accompany them throughout the adventure, each character has its own strengths such as agility, strength or good control. Pretty good AI contributes to the difficulty of the game.

The combat control system is very diverse, contributing to the name of the game, so that his character can perform powerful combos that force the player to click a lot and combine hotkeys.


The action role-playing game was released by Microsoft in 2004 and sold 1.8 million copies worldwide. Set in a fictional kingdom named Ancaria, with many majestic cities, castles and unexplored mysterious lands.

Players are allowed to choose a cast of characters with diverse classes (industries), races (races). Sacred is like another copy of the legendary Diablo game. However, the game’s maps are large and 70% available for players to explore at the beginning of the game, and the remaining 30% must be opened through missions. At the time of launch, hardly any game with graphics and gameplay can pass through Sacred. Sound effects and weapons in the game are also popular with gamers.