Three survivor games with attractive gameplay of 2019

Three survivor games with attractive gameplay of 2019


Unterned free survival game

This is such an attractive survival game despite being created by a 16-year-old author. The game is very popular and is on the top in terms of the number of players on the current steam.

The game graphics are normal, unimpressive, but enough to meet the needs of the players. Most importantly, Unterned possesses extremely unique gameplay. It is the deep play of survival in a world full of Zombie built through a system of techniques, skills and deep survival experience.

Survival game offline Portal Knight

It can be said that the Portal Knight is a game for those who love Minecraft and Legend of Zelda. The game is a combination of survival gameplay, building construction in Minecraft and the role of Legend of Zelda.

The feature of Portal Knight is that it owns beautiful 3D graphics and is easy to see along with the action phase. This creates interesting feelings for players in the battle to destroy monsters.

Zombie survival game State Of Decay 2

Are you looking for a good survival game about zombie topics? If so, come to State Of Decay 2, this is a great game for you. The main content of this game is to show survival skills, good team coordination to protect yourself against the aggressive zombies as well as attack them.

Three survivor games with attractive gameplay of 2019

After the end of the world, there are only 4 people left, you and 3 other people will have to unite to fight the mutated living beings everywhere. Besides fighting, players need to collect materials to build bases and entrenched. State Of Decay 2 is a fascinating game that you can hardly ignore.

To sum up

If you are fond of survivor games, the three games introduced above are the best selections for you to choose. Hope you will have a great experience playing them!