Top most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile

Top most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is a mobile survival game released by Tencent Games. The game has two versions developed by two independent Tencent studios. Besides the beautiful graphics in PUBG Mobile, players cannot forget the weapons system in the game because of the variety and make the player “shoot the best hand”.

1. AKM

One of the most well-known guns in the game, AKM is probably the most popular because it has two shooting modes: full auto and long range shooting. Players can customize the gun by attaching additional sighting aids. This is also a gun with great damage and high accuracy.

2. M16A4

This gun does not have an automatic firing mode, but it has the function of continuous shooting of 3 shots at a speed and force that terrifies the opponent and causes the victim to die instantly. The accuracy of M16A4’s long range shooting is also “not medium” when it is higher than AKM in the index.

3. AWM

Not just in PUBG Mobile, AWM is the embodiment of death in every shooter with guns. This is the classic gun in the FPS series. Almost every shooting game has an appearance in this gun aim. When shooting headshot, you will surely die and when you hit people, it will take 80-95% blood.

4. SKS

Top most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile

Gamers can use this gun when shooting mid and long range because it will promote its full strength. The gun has enough fire rate and amount of damage to kill your opponent quickly.

5. UMP9

This is a gun in submachine lines with a high rate of fire, light weight and no recoil. If you play familiar FPS games will see UMP9 closely resembles the MP5 gun. In PUBG Mobile, many players also choose this gun as soon as they land on the map because it is easy to find and popular.