Top three best shooter games for Android

Top three best shooter games for Android

Shooter game

Teen 2 – Superhero

Teen 2 – Superhero belongs to the genre of mobile shooter game that is built on the familiar 2D graphics platform. The game is quite elaborate on images with bright colors and cute chibi character images.

In the game, players can recruit other characters to form a 3-member battle team and participate in overcoming the difficulty. Whenever it is your turn, the player will have to touch and adjust the angle of the shot most accurately to attack the enemy.

Team spirit and teamwork are necessary for Teen 2 – Superhero’s PvP arena. Gamers can also directly participate in the PK 24 / 24h matches and show off their ultimate shooting skills.

Guard of the Milky Way

This game belongs to the genre of role-playing games built with casual shooting content. The context of the game is the future world, players will play superheroes and participate in conquering challenges.

There are three character classes including Phantam, Elf, and Iron, each of which has a different fighting style. Players must skillfully control the character to cause the most damage.

Although the projectile and character skills are self-directed, in order to have accurate projectiles and achieve a high score, players need to have proper skills.

Tiny Gun

Top three best shooter games for Android

Belonging to the new generation of shooter game, Tiny Gun has brought players many interesting experiences. The game is built on a bright and cute chibi 2D graphics platform. The image is meticulously invested with smooth, flexible character movements.

In addition to the characteristics of previous shooter games, Tiny Gun players are allowed to recruit 3 generals in their squad. Each hero character will have different skills and the player must skillfully combine them to make a powerful team.