Two free games that are extremely hot on Steam in August this month

Survival Games

Undefeated: Superhero Game

With Undefeated, you will transform into a true superhero whose main task is to protect and preserve the order and security of the city. There are two main types of gameplay in the game: Destruction Challenge (Flight Destroyer) and Flight Challenge. Besides, the game also owns a huge boss system. Players will have to use many skills and experience to be able to defeat these bosses.

Configuration requirements of the game:

– Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 64-bit.

– CPU: Intel Core i5 processor

– Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 video card.

– At least 3GB free hard disk

After nearly a week of appearing on Steam (from August 2, 2019), Undefeated received countless positive feedback from players. With a rating of up to 94%, the independent developer Vantan Game Academy’s game has climbed the most popular titles on Steam. Even many other blockbuster games have to look up at 94% of Undefeated.

With such a great PC game, why not try and download it? Undefeated will certainly not disappoint you.

Steam page:                   

Ring of Elysium: PUBG-like graphics game

For those who do not know, Ring of Elysium’s gameplay is very similar to PUBG from character design and context, play style. Of course, the game also has its own characteristics such as the white snow map, ski games or the most unique and conspicuous models, which are stunning graphics, interactivity, and destruction of the ‘top’ environment.

Obviously gamers who want to play a more beautiful, optimized version of PUBG can look to Ring of Elysium to try new feelings. The game has a modern style with many popular military weapons that have been popular. Also shooting style as well as moving is very easy to get acquainted for new players. Steam page: