What Racing Games To Try Out In 2019?

What Racing Games To Try Out In 2019?

Racing Games

Deadly Race

This is the most dramatic racing game of 2019. Deadly Race is also an offline game in the category of the shooter racing game for PC. If you are looking for an offline shooting racing game, you should not miss this Deadly Race game. Surely you will like it.

The game takes place at the beginning of the 21st century when the global energy crisis has triggered a third world war. Many cities have been destroyed and people have left them in search of a better life. Now abandoned cities are used as races for a kind of popular entertainment – deadly races. You will participate in the race and challenge yourself with different cars and great racers on the track.

Deadly Race has many vehicles. If you are a beginner, you will be equipped with a pretty old car. After each race, you will receive an amount of money depending on your rankings. With the accumulated money you can buy other vehicles or upgrade the car, armed the current vehicle with guns, missiles, or mines. On the track, you can also pick up more bullets, missiles, and mines to use in the race.

What Racing Games To Try Out In 2019?

With this Deadly Race game, your PC just need to have a medium or low configuration to download.

Extreme car racing game 2019 – Need For Speed ​​2 SE

Need For Speed ​​2 SE is an amazing speed racing game that can be downloaded to play offline directly on PCs. You will experience the races in Need For Speed ​​2 SE with a variety of different terrains. The game has completely different bends that bring extreme excitement when playing.

With this Need For Speed ​​2 SE racing game, you can download the settings for low-configuration computers.