What strategy games should you play on your PC?

What strategy games should you play on your PC?

Tactical Games

Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II is a strategic game with political elements. When the outcome of the battle you are going to face depends on who you will marry your sister to. Each character is described in detail with his own desires and purposes. It is really complicated but also provides many interesting dramatic circumstances – you can blame the feudal regime applied to this game.

There will be a situation where you are forced into the road and there is no other option and to do some bad things simply to retain your power. Something like the fact that you have to execute a newborn baby so that a smart sister can come to power, the feudal period is very terrible.

Company of Heroes

Most fighting games will try to avoid the emotional aspects that a battle leaves. But in Company of Heroes, it would be difficult if not brutal. As the storyline of Hollywood – Saving Private Ryan – Company of heroes gives us the opportunity to experience the most thrilling thrills, between the opposing forces in World War II.

What strategy games should you play on your PC?

Total War: Warhammer 2

Samuel Roberts’s first version: Warhammer proved and confirmed through the game’s play, developed appropriately for large-scale battles with impressive characters to the point. And the second version has made significant improvements, from the game interface to the story of heroes, assassin armies formed by different races, and more.

In particular, the four typical races of the game include Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen, each with their own story. If you are confused with the choices Warhammer is worth a try. If you were lucky enough to have the original version, then the Mortal empires campaign version will integrate both sections to create a much bigger map.