What strategy games should you try?

Tactical Games

Neptune’s Pride

Strategic games follow the school of social experiment, Neptune’s Pride to let you battle other players through controlling the star system. The rules are very simple, upgrade your stars, hire warships, and occupy other stars.

Battles can last for weeks, and will most likely upset your daily life. The simple rule creates many opportunities for players to break alliances, and it is frustrating when someone wakes up at 3am to launch an attack. A simple game, but the drama it brings is not small.

C&C: Red Alert 2

The first two versions of Red Alerts are really great, but C&C Red Alert 2 has the biggest buzz with interesting combat units, large maps and, of course, cannot mention the above FMV sequences. both great.

Different races all have their own mark, so we can easily see that this is clearly a remarkable progress that brings a balance between the details when compared to the previous sessions. that is typical of the Soviet side and the Allied dolphin faction S.

Galactic Civilizations 2

Have you ever wanted to try the experience of conquering space with your own “super” spaceships, this is definitely the game for you. The game has a smart and creative AI system, and will cost you several weeks if you want to “break the island”.

What’s interesting here is that you have to balance elements like economy, technology, diplomacy, culture and military to create your own alliances in the battle to dominate the galaxy. Reminiscent of game Civilizations genres, but with a larger scale as well as plot depth.


Is a great 3D strategy game in all RTS games of the era, in which you are not only limited to 1 fighter. Moreover, the game has been very successful in improving the interface and sound system, from the music that started dog games to the drowsing voices when starting a big fight with other competitors.